Car lockout

Even how careful we are, there are times we experience literally losing our senses and forget even the most basic things like our wallet or cellphones. That’s perfectly normal. All of us may have our share of absent-mindedness, especially if we are so stressed with our work, business or family matters.

Stress is undeniably one cause of forgetfulness. So if you forgot to take out your car key from the ignition before going out of your vehicle, you must be having some episodes of stress. Your mind might have been pre-occupied with something else or you are in deep thoughts that you forgot to remove the key as you hurriedly went out of your car. Then you realized you are being locked out. We can just imagine how you would feel being locked out of your own car. You are already stressed out and now, the lockout problem is adding more stress and soon after, panic will be taking over your senses.

So what should you do? 

Stay calm. Don’t let panic rule you over because if you do, you can’t surely think well. Compose yourself then assess the whole situation. Are you in a parking lot and have parked your car properly? If not, see if you are blocking the flow of traffic, or check the level of risk that you might be facing while on the road. If there are authorities on standby nearby, they would surely be heading to your location any minute and will offer you help. But if you think no one in the vicinity is coming to help you, call a locksmith if you happen to know one. Only a professional locksmith can open your car’s door using special tools. If you allow an unskilled person to open the door, you run the risk of damaging it, which will surely cause you more trouble and additional expenses.

If you don’t know of any locksmith, you might want to call a close friend and ask for referrals, or call a family member and ask him/her to find a locksmith for you. There are many locksmiths that you can find on the Internet but some of them are scammers who will only rob you of your hard-earned money. You need to find a legitimate locksmith who values service more than money. Most often, legitimate locksmiths don’t charge much, in contrast with scammers who ask for additional fees and surcharges. So to be sure you get to hire only a legitimate and professional locksmith, referrals from friends or family members who have personal experience with the locksmith are the safest way. Don’t just grab on anyone who offers to open the car door for you.

Car lockout commonly happens to anyone, stressed or not. And if this happens to you, it’s important that you know what to do and whom to call for help.